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How To Handicap and Win Bets at the Kentucky Derby this year!

Would You Like to Win a $100,000 Kentucky Derby Superfecta?

Are you tired of getting excited about the Derby every year, only to go home with empty pockets and a feeling that "you should have had it." Well, you would have had it if you had THE DERBY GRID © , which has indicated the Derby champion for 12 of the past 14 years, along with the other top contenders.

Why didn't you have The GRID? Simply, its not very well known, and very few people have ever used it.


A couple years ago, I had to settle for a $2000 trifecta and a $1300 WPS payout. I had the right horses in the superfecta but the wrong order. No biggie, I'll get it this year... and you can too. I can't believe I'm saying this, but....

The Kentucky Derby GRID is Now Available to the General Public!

Video Below

This is it. You get to use what I have used for 14 years to hit numerous exactas, trifectas, win bets, and even an occasional superfecta, on the Kentucky Derby. Why come home a whining loser? You need to win money that people are aimlessly pouring into those huge betting pools.

As a prime example, 2 years ago my top ranked horse in the GRID was Super Saver, who incidentally won at 8-1.  The year before that, Mine That Bird had The GRID's top pace rating, and won at 50-1.  The year before that my top ranked horse was Big Brown, and before that Street Sense, Barbaro, Smarty Jones, Funny Cide, War Emblem, Monarchos, Fusaichi Pegasus, Charismatic, and Real Quiet, to mention a few.

What about before 14 years ago? Good question. The GRID was developed based on factors going back several decades before that, some even a century, meaning it would have worked for most of the years in the modern era of horse racing, had it been invented in time.

The GRID has over 90 different factors learned from past editions of the Derby, for each horse in the race. It includes basic and advanced pedigree, all kinds of speed factors, and how those factors add up to a horse's ability to win some Roses. This is more than a tip sheet. I have used it to profit for years.

Why Would I Offer Such a Thing to the Public?

Why not? Unless you plan on throwing down 6 digits on a horse, you're not going hurt my odds on Derby Day.  If you are, this product is NOT for you. Let the rich dump their money wherever.

This is for the average person who wants to make that jump, to a POSSIBLE LIFE CHANGING SCORE! Why can't it be you? Why shouldn't it?

I get all excited about the Derby every year, but I have a good reason. I come home with MORE MONEY THAN I HAD BEFORE.
That's the whole idea here: to be a winner, not a whiner.

Let Me Be Clear: This IS a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

Having trouble believing? Let's try SEEING then. Take a look at this video, featuring last year's GRID that I used to WIN MONEY AT THE DERBY. 

This is my turn to give back to the public, and let people in on this SECRET GRID that has never been publically available before.  Now YOU can get in on the WINNING ACTION as well. Let's get rich together!  There is a catch of course:  I will only sell 100 copies, to keep odds on value horses at a reasonable level. I can't be exactly sure if any whales are using this info.

The greatest thing about the Kentucky Derby is all the uber rich people that pour their money into the pools recreationally. Some even think they're going to win, based on their wise guy advice, etc. But they normally don't. Who wins? The people who have the right, reliable info. 

The information in this GRID is SO POWERFUL, it can not be placed in the hands of the many or the rich.  Then we would have no edge.

"But isn't there all kinds of free info on the Derby out there?"  Yes, and there's a reason why it's free: because it doesn't help you win, unless you go find all the right pieces of info, then put them together, which takes days of work... but luckily we did all that work already!

Plus our own calculations and scoring methods are unique.

Yes it does take money to make money, but I can show you just how easy it is to turn a $24 trifecta ticket into a $2400, or a $20 win bet into $200.  So save up some of that money your were going to throw away on junk food, booze, or smoke, and GET READY TO WIN!

This Is Your Chance to Become a Winner! 

I like to give people choices. There are a couple ways you can do this.

  1. You can subscribe to the Weekend Winners Club for $19 a month, and get the DERBY GRID © FREE!  Plus entire race cards for major tracks around the country every weekend, including the full race cards for KENTUCKY DERBY day and Kentucky Oaks day, so you can win some Pick 4's and maybe even the Million Dollar Pick 6! No commitment.

  2. The Triple Crown Package includes the Derby Grid, and Grids for Preakness, Belmont, and every other major track and race throughout May and June!!!  Only $35!

  3. You can simply click the bottom button and get locked in for NEW LOW RATE OF $9 for THE DERBY GRID.  The price will go up every week, until they sell out.  I WILL ONLY SELL 150 COPIES  (87left) to the public so get locked in NOW. 

  4. The last option is to do nothing, and win nothing, and go home disappointed at what could have been if you had the GRID, and realizing that for less than $10 you could have had the tools for a life-changing score.  Oops.

NOTE: After you pay below, follow the redirect button provided by Paypal to ge the GRID.

Option 1: Join the Weekend Winners Club Now!

Includes Derby GRID © $19 / month, cancel anytime


Option 2: Triple Crown Package!

Derby, Preakness, Belmont... and everything in between only $35


Option 3: Buy the Kentucky Derby Grid Now!


Follow instructions on the next page to download.

Download the Handicapping Secret Strategies Report Instantly!

Only $9 Secret Strategies!

Other Packages Available

  3 Months Grid for  $47 one time; duration 3 months from sign up date

6 Months WWC + 1 Month Free! $99,  NO Recurring Fees

9 Months WWC $147, NO Recurring Fees

1 Year WWC $197 Massive Savings, NO Recurring Fees

WWC Coaching Club $47 Cancel Anytime

Learn more about the Coaching Club Here

Final Option: Do nothing and continue Losing.


*  The major tracks mentioned are covered every race day including weekdays.  Non-major tracks are provided for large carryover days and other days where graded stakes races are on the card.  Grids can be provided for non major tracks for a small fee of $2 each for members to cover data costs.




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